Here is an example of a payment schedule for each of the 7 slots in the pool.

SLOT # PAYMENTS (monthly) PAYOUT (money you receive on your turn)
Slot 1 P100 + (P10 or 7% whichever is higher) P500
Slot 2 P100 + (P10 or 6% whichever is higher) P500
Slot 3 P100 + (P10 or 5% whichever is higher) P500
Slot 4 P100 + (P10 or 5% whichever is higher) P500
Slot 5 P100 + (P10 or 5% whicher is higher) P500
Slot 6 P100 + (P10 or 5% whichever is higher) P500 + (P25 or 1% whichever is higher)
Slot 7 P100 (No interest. Reserved for Silver, Gold, VIP members) P500 + (P50 2% whichever is higher)

The group will decide what day of the month payments are due. Late Payments has a penalty of P10 each month until the pool has been completed

Credit Points (1-10)

What are credit points? Your credit points is like your credit score on how well you make your payments on time. The higher the points the better. Your Credit points are updated once a complete pool has been completed.

  POINTS +/-
On-time payments +2
Late Payments -3
For each pool completed +2 (can not exceed 10 points)

For any reason any member of the pool is late, we will automatically take over their payments which will ensure the pool will continue and everyone will still receive their payout GUARANTEED.

What are the difference between a badge versus a bronze member?

Essentially the difference between a badge versus a membership is how they are earned with different purposes. Think about a membership as the levels of a club or a group. In this case our bronze, silver, gold and VIP memberships is something that is given to you for free or at a cost. For example when you signup on our mobile APP. You are automatically defaulted to be a BRONZE member which is our FREE membership as being part of our community.

Badges on the other hand are your accomplishments within the community. You can think about it as competing in the olympics. The higher the badge the more accomplishments and more active you are in our community. These badges can only be earned and CANNOT be bought, unlike the memberships we mentioned earlier. You can look at the chart below for further details and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Bronze member FREE Earn loyalty points
access to our community CHAT forum
FREE Coupons
Random drawings
Silver member P50 Annually Private Sales specifically for silver members only
FREE Coupons
Random drawings give away
Special events by invitation only
Gold member P500 anually All silver member benefits included
discounted Load (no transaction FEES)
Access to LOAD in over 150 countries
GIVES you access to be able to sell to over 150 countries and over 600 carriers worldwide
VIP member P1000 annually All bronze, silver and gold benefits
includes 500 worth of load to sell automatically
Special Auctions unlocked
exclusive loyalty points sale for only VIP members
receive 50 loyalty points FREE upon registration
BRONZE badge 1 Completed Pool
SILVER badge 2 Completed Pool
GOLD badge 3 Completed Pool
Able to receive payout up to 1 month early
VIP Badge 4 Completed Pool
able to receive payout up to 2 months early
will receive a BDO cash card for free (Must request by filling out form)
*valued at P150. Can be used where master card or visa is accepted.

What if we don’t have enough people to start the pool by the start date?

The date will need to be adjusted to a later date until all spots are filled.

Who can become a member and what are the requirements to join?

Anyone can become a member and join the site, but may have limited access to certain features based on certain requirements. You must have 2 things to become a full member of the site:

  1. An active member must refer you.
  2. You must also have a valid ID on file to take advantage of the features and benefits of the site.

Can I still become a member of the site even if I don’t have a valid ID?

Yes, you can still become a member, but your account will be in “pending” status until you have provided a valid ID. We do this to protect our members and the integrity of the site.

*If you have any other questions that have not been answered please feel free to contact us by messaging us directly.